Sunday, April 17, 2016

What's Next? 1 & 2

While there are many ways to approach life - two come to mind: we can approach life with a hospital mentality or an amusement park mentality. What’s the difference? The hospital mentality focuses on the next bit of bad news that we expect to receive when we are faced with a medical issue. What’s next? is answered with more trials and challenges that we’d rather avoid - so it’s better not to ask “what’s next?” The amusement park mentality is filled with excitement. When you finish one ride you can’t wait to get to the next ride because of the thrill that you experience of anticipating, What’s next? How you approach life determines how and if you’ll answer, “what’s next?”

Over the course of the remainder of the Easter Season we are going to take a look at this question and some of the issues that can help us to accept the answer. From the miracles we experienced at Christmas, then finding what’s your story, to the Barefoot Journey and even the Most Important Things of Easter, it’s good to ask “What’s Next?”